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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christmas Lights Etc.

HOLY SMOKES!!! It's only 92 days until Christmas, can you believe that?

I just found a great little online store called Christmas Lights Etc. where you can get just about everything you need to decorate your Christmas tree (and wreathes) this year!

They also have tons of outdoor yard decorations, rope lights, lighted artificial palm trees, ornaments, and so much more! If you are like me and LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and like to get your decorations up early, then you are in luck!

I also just found on their site the infamous "Bubble Lights"...come on, you remember them, they were on your grandma's Christmas tree (ok, they were on MY grandma's tree and I LOVED them!) Check it out!

C7 Traditional Bubble Lights, 7-Light Set, Multicolored Lamps, Green Wire



The also offer some good deals on Shipping! As you prepare for Christmas this year don't forget to go over to Christmas Lights Etc. and see what they have to offer for you and your family!

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