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Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Find!

Oh My Goodness!!! I just found THE BEST and coolest web site ever!!! Seriously, how would you like to get a gift certificate to a restaurant in your neck of the woods for a FRACTION of the cost of the amount listed on the Gift Certificate?

Well, that's what offers!

On their website it says this...

Saving Every Time You Dine Out Is As Easy As 1-2-3
$25 Gift Certificates for Only $10

1) Find a Restuarant using our search engine
2) Purchase a Gift Certificate
3) Print a Gift Certificate and Take to Restaurant

How simple is that? I put in my zip code and it gave me tons of options for my area and allowed me to pick and choose the place I wanted to go (and try, if you like try new places this is GREAT!), and then saved me tons of money as well! You can't beat that?!?!

Click HERE to go directly to their web site to see what deals you can come up with for you and your family!

Have fun and try someplace new!

1 comment:

Good N Crazy said...

There weren't a lot of options in my neck o the woods last time I tried this. But there was one and it was a great restaurant. I bought a $25 coupon for $4! Wow huh. The kicker was that we had to spend $35 total, which ended up being kind of hard with just the two of us out for lunch? We just took a whole sandwhich home for later!

But it was real.