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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feel More Human Store Online

Have you ever run across an online store and it made you STOP what you were doing and just stare in amazement at the amount of things they have, the creativity of their products, and the great prices all at the same time?
Well, guess what, if you haven't then today is the day for that to happen to YOU!!!

I JUST found a new Mel's World Shopping Biz FAV and I can't wait to share it with you! The store is called
Feel More Human and you can go directly to their website HERE (do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just GO!).

This little gem of a store is similar to an IKEA type store in which they have just about everything under the sun, but what I love about them is thei desire to be "a good global citizen". In their "About" section it says this... "We know you can't live a 100% sustainable lifestyle, but you can make small changes that when echoed across a large group of people make a drastic difference. It’s that blend of reality and responsibility. It's what makes us feel more human. "

Add the balance of a GREAT new store online and the countdown to Christmas and the entire season (which, by the way, is like 71 days away) you have yourself a

Check out a few of the little goodies I found just today at FEEL MORE HUMAN!

Before grad school, designer Gauri Nanda worked for Apple. Something there must have sparked the idea for this simple, yet practical laptop sleeve with padding. Use it to tote your laptop around or just to keep it cozy.

Available in your choice of color and size.
$ 36.00

Inleaf uses a unique method of printing, called leaf printing, where the paint is applied to the back of a fresh leaf, then pressed onto the fabric surface. This brings the deceivingly simple allure of nature into everyday life.

These aromatic sachets are printed with an intricate geranium leaf. They are filled with dried organic lavender that will add a fresh natural scent to your linen closet or lingerie drawer.

Available as a set of two in your choice of color.

Sachets shown in Pale Aqua.
Additional images appear in same order as drop down menu.
$ 20.00

The Bodum French Press brewing system has been recognized worldwide as one of the best ways of brewing a strong aromatic cup of coffee. The simplest and best coffee brewing method does not include a machine, cable salad and a cluttered kitchen counter. It's a beautifully simple glass cylinder with a handle and a plunger to stop the brewing process.

The Bistro Neo French Press is an 8-Cup coffee press with a white handle and lid.
$ 19.95

Keep your thoughts together. Put them in order. Rearrange. Organize. Bring them with you, wherever you go. Pick the size that's right for you. Choose your favorite color. These aren't your everyday flash cards. This is Ring Bound. This is for students, artists and business people. Myndology. Fresh. Smart. Good thinking.

Ring Bound Random Pack includes: 2 each of the Muse Short, Muse Tall, Small, Medium, Large and Neon – all in a totally random assortment of colors. One of the Shorts might be Cranberry, while another could be Orchid. Who’s to say. Come on. Have some fun already.
$ 28.00

Save Time, Money, and Gas with your Shopping, Shop ONLINE,

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